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Birthday post!

The song I'm listening to isn't very nice. But it is catchy!

It's my birthday! Although April 20th and the 19th often have bad things happen on them (Hitler's birth, Rodney King riots started, the Branch Davidians standoff ends and the compound burns to the ground, Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine school shooting), everything seems OK this year. And it's George Takei's birthday, too (thanks, Wikipedia)!

So we have a new pope, Pope Benedict XVI. I wish him the best, but I'm not terribly optimistic about anything changing in the church - Cardinal Ratzinger was in charge of doctrine under John Paul II, and he labeled homosexuality "an intrinsic moral evil." But, you never know, and I was surprised to see today that he's interested in continuing the reforms of Vatican II. So, um, we'll see.

Going out to dinner tonight (steak!), and then the whole presents thing. Probably will just spend the rest of the evening at home with djedi.
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