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Phone Post:

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“"Hello all from rainy Florida. First of all I'd like to give a shout out for destroyerj for transcribing my last post. Thanks a lot -- really appreciate it. Uh, not much happened today really, we drove a lot. We're in the panhandle of Florida. Uhh, yeah, yeah, so there's one good story. So we were coming in to Pensacola and we wanted pizza, because we were kind of in the mood for pizza. And so we looked at the AAA guidebook for pizza places, and they didn't have any, it was very sad. And then I was like, hey wait a minute, we could use this cool Google text message thing to see if there are any pizza places near, you know, Pensacola. So I did that and got some results, found one that looked good, it gave us the address and the phone number and stuff. So we did that, we called up, and they were open, and whatever. We eventually got there and had it. It was a really neat place. It was like pizza and a pub with no smoking, and it was good pizza. So that's all.

We're going to get going tomorrow and make it all the way to Orlando and then have some time to relax before we start going to the park on Tuesday because today is Sunday, right. That's really all I have to say. Have a good night."”

Transcribed by: blamantin
Tags: disneyworld
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