January 11th, 2005


On sleep, and lack of it

I got 5 hours of sleep last night.

In college, this wouldn't be noteworthy at all - 5 hours was fairly reasonable for those days, and that was OK.  Of course, that meant it took an effort to keep me awake, especially during classes, whereas nowadays I can stay awake even in boring meetings.

I don't mind being low on sleep if I've done something to enjoy myself instead - programming, video games, etc.  But last night pretty much sucked.

I've had bad allergies off and on for the last few weeks, roughly correlating to the times when I went back home to Houston.  I should probably go to the doctor to see what the deal is - I've had allergies before, but not this bad.

Anyway, so I lie down last night, and my nose is stuffed up (big surprise there).  I had just taken a nose spray to clear it up, but that made stuff start to drain in my throat, which means I was mostly coughing or trying to not cough, neither of which is conducive to sleeping.  So after a bit of this, I got up, drunk some water, and played on my computer some (sitting up always tends to help).

After a while, I went back to bed.  Unfortunately, I had drunk so much water that I had to pee.  By this point I was actually pretty tired (another difference from college - never had trouble getting to sleep in college, because once I lay down, I was exhausted!), but I couldn't quite get to sleep, and I really didn't feel like getting up again.  Eventually, though, I gave up and got up to pee, and drunk some more water (but not so much this time!) to help my throat.  Then I got back in bed, propped up my pillows against the wall (to make my head more vertical), and eventually got to sleep, somewhere around 2:30.

So I'm tired today, for no good reason.  Ick.
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