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best TV shows quiz

All right, I'm making a quiz. Here is a list of the "best shows on television" according to various people. Bold the ones you've watched multiple seasons one and italicize the ones you've seen at least a few episodes of.

The Wire - everyone says this is awesome, need to watch at some point.
Lost - ohh yeah
Friday Night Lights - intriguing but haven't gotten around to it, may watch someday.
Deadwood - same
30 Rock - good stuff
The Daily Show - of course
Battlestar Galactica - of course
The Sopranos
Arrested Development - absolutely
Studio 60 - watched the first few episodes, didn't get into it.
South Park - pretty hit or miss, but the hits are good
Veronica Mars
Six Feet Under
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys - wait, really?
The Colbert Report - I'm on notice!
Mad Men - heard good things about it.
The West Wing
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