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no park day! stuff! trogdor!

No parks today! For the morning, see previous post.

After posting, we went out to lunch at Johnny Rocket's (50s-style place...decent hamburgers) (and djedi wanted me to add that he had a really great Oreo shake, and got to pick a Sonny and Cher song to listen to. So, there...and now he's gone :-) ), then over to the Sheraton (the host hotel for Gay Days) for the expo and pool party. By then it had started to rain again.

The expo was kinda neat - we looked around at various jewelry places and stuff like that, although there were a fair number of places for vacations and cruises and stuff (presumably because gays have, on the whole, more disposable income because they tend to not have kids) which we weren't really interested in. The hotel, by the way, was like Gay Central Station, or perhaps Gay Central Park. Gays and lesbians as far as the eye could see and whatnot. It was pretty neat to see :-)

After that we went over to the pool party, which had just kinda started for real because the rain stopped. So we hung around the edge of the pool, and eventually got in and people-watched for a while and stuff. Then, it started to sprinkle. Then, it started to rain. Then, it stopped raining, then sprinkled and rained hard. This didn't seem to bother other people, but being rained on while in a swimming pool is pretty unpleasant for me for some reason (I have a hangup about getting wet or something). Then, I saw some distant lightning, and it rained harder, so we finally decided to leave (many people were leaving by this point). Made our way back to the car (very hard to find parking) and I was soaking wet, then had to drive back to the hotel. Ugh!

Then we showered (ahh!), played a few hands of Rage, got dinner at Subway and went to see the comedy show "The Naked Guy". It was...interesting. I enjoyed it at first, but the style of the show was very Golden Girls (says David), and they took a lot of shots at celebrities to get a cheap laugh (or so it seemed to me). the plot was pretty predictable and so were a lot of the jokes by the end. But, it was still neat to see (and go back to Gay Central Station). Afterwards we came back here, played a quick game and are about to go to bed.

So tomorrow's the Magic Kingdom, and it's going to be crazy busy between usual Saturday traffic and the Gay Days stuff. But it should be fun. Unfortunately, we're leaving early early (well, 6AMish) the next day to drive back to Houston, so this has two consequences:

1) We're going to be tiiiired!
2) No LJ post until I get back, Monday at the very earliest.

I guess that's it. I had fun, but as usual at the end of a vacation I'll be glad to get back to my "normal life" and see people and stuff.

I'm not very good at winding down long posts.
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