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nope, incoming boring debate

Nevermind - that debate was pretty boring. No Rezko or Ayers or Keating 5, just a lot of similar stuff from the first debate.
Things I'd like to see Obama stop saying:
  • "McCain voted 23 times against alternative energy": this is of the same grain as Obama voting 94 times to raise taxes in that it's oversimplifying the issue, and senators often have to vote for/against a bill even though there are parts they dislike/like.

  • Talking about McCain singing "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" - this was an off-the-cuff thing at one campaign event, not policy of any kind. (although Rachel Maddow noted that the campaign then used "Barbara Ann" as a theme song for a while?)

If you enjoy horrible things, you'll enjoy this boy band pitching Microsoft PDC (developer's conference). Who creates this crap?
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