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early voting starts today!

Early voting opens in Texas today and lasts until October 31. According to the paper, the busiest days are the first one and the last three, so avoid those if you can! The Austin American-Statesman's voting guide is here and here's a list of Travis County early voting locations. (pdf) For my Houston friends, here's a list of Harris County early voting locations. (pdf) For people in other places, Googling "(county name) county secretary of state" is usually a good place to start.

Why early vote? Well...
  • everyone is projecting turnout to be way up this year, so there might be huge lines on Election Day. Which is not only bad for you, but it means that other people who couldn't vote early for some reason might not be able to wait it out.
  • It gives you more time to sort out problems if there are questions about your registration, as opposed to having to file a provisional ballot or something on Election Day.
  • Seriously, it's just more convenient to vote sometime in the next two weeks (including Saturday and Sunday at most locations!) than to wait for Election Day in particular.
  • Speaking for myself, I am soooo excited to vote for Barack Obama that I want to do it sooner rather than later. Screw delayed gratification!
I do miss the camaraderie of everyone voting on the same day, but early voting is much more efficient and awesome.
(if you're wondering why to vote at all in Texas, see my previous post)
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