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25 things about me

(this is a thing going around Facebook, but I'm more of an LJ person...)

1. I actually sat down at lunch today and tried to make a list of 25 things, and didn't get very far. So we'll see how this goes!

2. I program for a living and also enjoy doing it in my spare time. I have a bunch of side projects up at

3. destroyerj and I got interviewed in Wired for one of them.

4. My current project I'm trying to push is!

5. Enough about that. My favorite TV shows on the air now are Lost and 30 Rock, with Chuck following close behind.

6. I live on tea at the office, especially now that I'm trying to cut out sodas. I'm talking at least 3 cups a day.

7. Growing up I loved math and always planned on being a mathematician when I grew up.

8. As such, I was an avid watcher of Square One. I cried when it was preempted by the Iran-Contra hearings.

9. I don't keep in touch with my family as well as I should.

10. I have a hangup about getting water splashed on me. djedi used to splash water at me from the sink and I hated it!

11. I am almost always comfortable in silence. The "awkward silence" doesn't really exist for me.

12. I just read through most of Did you know George Frankly has been in a lot of random shows?

13. I'm usually pretty socially awkward and kinda introverted.

14. I took piano lessons for 8 years. I should bust them out more :-)

15. I really enjoy singing!

16. When I was in middle school, I was in the Houston Boychoir for a year. We took a trip to Taiwan. I met a girl that I liked, although she didn't speak very good English (and I didn't speak Mandarin). Such is life when you're 14 or so.

17. I am fascinated by infrastructure, especially highways and mass transit.

18. I'm usually pretty happy in solitude, except for missing djedi.

19. 6 more to go? Man...umm...I've only lived outside of Texas for a year, after which we quickly moved back here.

20. Austin >>> Houston.

21. I hate hate hate feeling nostalgic. I enjoy living in the now. And the future.

22. I kinda like driving.

23. scraping the bottom of the barrel here...I can smell cucumbers from a distance. I'm not sure if this is weird or not, but my family has led me to believe that it is.

24. Growing up I loved salad - my parents joked that they'd have to tell me to eat more pizza before I could have more salad.

25. I don't like tagging people. If you want to do your own 25 things, cool. If not, also cool.
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