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Grr! Work is annoying me. I just spent like half an hour setting something up, and I finally got to try it, and it didn't work. So I'm letting off some steam by posting!

Google released an API for Google Maps, which is neat. I'm playing around with it some - made my own map for experimentation. Fun! (I'm open to suggestions for other markers...)

AMD is suing Intel for abusing their monopoly position. The CEO of AMD took out a full-page ad in the Statesman explaining and urging people to read their full complaint, which I did yesterday. Fascinating reading! If it's true, then they have very legitimate grievances.

Yesterday Canada approved gay marriage, and Spain did the same today. Woohoo!

I can't believe July 4 is coming up so soon. I get Monday and Tuesday off, which totally rocks. Planning on a fun weekend!
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