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links a million [Apr. 19th, 2011|02:11 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

- Justice is served, but more so after lunch - the more recently the judge has eaten/taken a break, the more likely he/she is to grant parole. We're only human, after all...

- A nice profile of David Eagleman (a Rice alum!) and how the brain measures time. Long (it's the New Yorker, after all :-) ) but worth reading!

- The White House has a "tax receipt" so you can see what your taxes go towards. The top three categories for income taxes are "National Defense", "Health Care", and "Job and Family Security".

- Ignore the customer experience, lose a billion dollars (Walmart case study) - or, why asking people what they want is really unreliable.

Portal 2 is out! Looking forward to playing it tonight...