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beta links! [Mar. 9th, 2012|01:25 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Good crop today! In descending order of personal interestingness:

- 6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying - a bit over the top (and NSFW language), but I mostly agree. The one that annoys me the most is when people talk about "punishing success", as if taxes are imposed punitively to piss people off as opposed to, you know, paying for things the government provides. Wait, no, the one that annoys me the most is "If I Can Do It, So Can You!", implying that the only reason rich people are rich is that they're just better/work so much harder than the rest of us. Of course, many rich people did work hard, but so do lots of people that aren't rich and weren't as lucky. Wait...well, they're all pretty good.

- The story of Keep Calm and Carry On - the poster was never actually publicly seen during WWII! Nice short video, though.

- Four Reasons to Root for the Windows Phone - yay Windows Phone! (do yourself a favor and ignore reason #4...)

- A cool visualization of entitlement spending across the US over time, broken down by type. That unemployment insurance view is kind of depressing.

- Looking for new webcomics to read? I am not, but if I were I'd do it through Just the First Frame, which is exactly what it sounds like.

- Pretty charts of where NBA players score the most points from - interesting that there is a "low-point scoring gap" between very close to the basket and further away.

- Amusing ad for DollarShaveClub.com.

- How I Helped Destroy Star Wars Galaxies - mostly for destroyerj, but I have some fond memories of SWG...

[User Picture]From: andrewhime
2012-03-11 07:53 am (UTC)
All anyone needs in a webcomic is http://www.hardhairpinleft.com - right?
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