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Italy recap: Day 3 (bus tour, Museo Capitolini)

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Tuesday 9 PM
Not having any particular plans today (and being somewhat tired from staying up for the movie last night) we decided to take it easy today, sort of. Slept as late as the hotel breakfast would allow, relaxed a bit (I'm getting a ton of reading done!) then decided to take a hop-on hop-off bus tour that the hotel recommended. We've gotten in the habit of taking these when we travel places - it's a great way to see the city with no stress about walking or finding our way around. It also stopped near the Museo Capitolini, which isn't too close to any subway stops. So we took the bus there and ate lunch, then went to the museum. It is (by some measure) the oldest operating museum in the world, and so the audio tour we got would talk not only about the art, but about the museum itself. The museum covers a lot of ground, and I fear I'm beginning to reach my limit with respect to art/history museums. (The Borghese Gallery is tomorrow, so I guess we'll see!)

After a few hours at the museum we were both fairly tired, so we got some more tea, sat down for a bit, then took the bus back near the hotel and had dinner. This evening has been reading and relaxing and writing and hopefully gelato later! The hotel WiFi has been down since we got here, so I used a bit of my international data plan (thanks AT&T!) so we could both check email.

After getting a good view of traffic from the top of a double-decker bus, I'm even more excited not to be driving!
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