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Windows Phone: Visual Studio templates for creating a new app - Greg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Windows Phone: Visual Studio templates for creating a new app [Apr. 14th, 2013|05:30 pm]
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Edit: I've updated this template to make it a Universal app and added a first-run tutorial!

Some of my articles about Windows Phone development have been focused implementing things that every app needs, like settings that are easily set in a UI. A similar article that I haven't gotten around to is writing a proper About page. I figured instead of writing an article I'd make a Visual Studio template with an About page, so when you're creating a new app you can use it and get it easily. So...here you go!

- AppWithAbout71.zip - template for WP 7.1 apps
- AppWithAbout80.zip - template for WP 8.0 apps

Create the directory Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\Windows Phone, and download the templates to that directory. Next time you start Visual Studio and create a new project, you should see two new choices: "Windows Phone App with About page (7.1)" and "Windows Phone App with About page (8.0)". After creating from one of those templates, follow the instructions in README.txt.


- UserSettings class and settings page:

- About page with contact info and review button:

- Tips page:

- Page for linking to other apps

Problems? Feedback? More things you'd like to see in the template? Let me know at @gregstoll or greg@gregstoll.com!


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I'm planning on writing more posts about Windows Phone development - what would you like to hear about? Reply here, on twitter at @gregstoll, or by email at greg@gregstoll.com.