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Getting started with IBM Bluemix - sample Question and Answer app - Greg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Getting started with IBM Bluemix - sample Question and Answer app [Nov. 25th, 2014|04:02 pm]
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The best way to get started with any new platform is to get your hands dirty and deploy an app. For this example we're going to make a little demo app for asking Watson a question about travel or healthcare.

Here's where the tutorial starts - in this case I used a Java app, but you can see there are options for node.js and Ruby as well. Note that you need to install Ant to be able to build it.

The tutorial is very nice - if you want to see a preview of what your app will look like, here's a live demo that you can ask questions to.

I made a few changes in my sample app to make answers stand out more when they're higher confidence - here's my code on GitHub and you can try it out here. Note that I started with an earlier version of the sample, so it doesn't look exactly the same.

The whole process from signing up for an account to publishing my first app took me less than an hour - give it a shot! Sign up for a free trial here and get started now!

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