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Watson services available on Bluemix - User Modeling [Dec. 3rd, 2014|08:27 pm]
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The most exciting part of Bluemix for me are the Watson services that you can use - especially because they're in beta right now and you can use them all for free! So let's take a closer look at another good one for apps: User Modeling.

The User Modeling service analyzes the text you give it and scores it from a psychological perspective. You get three different types of ratings: Personality (such as Conscientiousness and Extraversion), Basic Human Values (such as Openness-to-Change and Hedonism), and Fundamental Human Needs. (such as Self-Expression and Practicality) You can get the raw data as well as a nice graphical representation.

I ran the service on some of my blog posts, and here's what I got:
<- click to enlarge!

Apparently I'm cautious, but I lack self-discipline!

Here's a live demo of the User Modeling service, and here's where you can get started with a sample app.

This is another useful service because all you need is a corpus of text to analyze which can come from anywhere - tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, etc. User Modeling gives you a lot of different information about the text - you can choose to just display that information, or use it programmatically to present different information that the user will find more appealing. Give it a shot!

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