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pictures from the US v Mexico soccer game! - Greg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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pictures from the US v Mexico soccer game! [Apr. 21st, 2015|09:56 pm]
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<- click for the full album! (it's small, I promise)

Last Wednesday David and I drove down to San Antonio after work to watch the US Men's National Team play Mexico! The trip started inauspiciously as traffic through downtown was terrible - it took 2:45 to get to San Antonio when it usually takes 1:30. The parking lot around the Alamodome was full so we were directed to the AT&T center and took the Park and Ride there, which actually ran very smoothly. There were a lot of people in both US and Mexico uniforms/outfits. I think the Mexico fans probably outnumbered US ones, but not by as much as I had expected.

<- the players walking out on the field

<- After the US National Anthem played, the American Outlaws brought out the giant flag.

<- Me in the stands! There were a lot of Mexico fans near us.

The game was pretty good, although the pitch looked a bit sloppy. (the Alamodome is not really a soccer stadium...) There was some good-natured ribbing between the US and Mexico fans, especially after the US went up 1-0 near the start of the second half. After the US scored again, a Mexico fan sitting a few rows in front of us threw his beer in the air out of frustration, which prompted a bunch of others around us to do the same. Luckily it passed quickly, and we didn't get tooo wet.

Anyway, the US won by the now familiar Dos a Cero score and all was right with the world. USA! USA!