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Modern Romance review [Mar. 18th, 2016|10:42 pm]
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Modern RomanceModern Romance by Aziz Ansari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the heck out of this book. It's funny, like you would expect from Aziz Ansari (or at least what I expected!), but he and his coauthor did a lot of actual research for the book.

A short summary: as technology has advanced, the pool of people you could conceivably get to know/date/marry has vastly expanded, which is both good and bad. Also - there's nothing wrong with online dating (a third of people in the US that got married met via online dating!), but in-person time (i.e. going on actual dates) is much more valuable than looking deeply at profiles. And you should give people a chance rather than rejecting them if you don't click immediately.

I am also super glad that I didn't have to do much traditional dating, because it sounds terrifying what with the texting and how long to wait between texts, etc! Pretty sure I would do that all wrong.

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