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saturday linked list: movie dialogue by gender, Silicon Valley sexism, boooo turbotax - Greg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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saturday linked list: movie dialogue by gender, Silicon Valley sexism, boooo turbotax [Apr. 16th, 2016|10:34 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

- The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender: 2,000 scripts, 25,000 actors, 4 million lines - wow, a lot of work went into this! And the results are: so depressing. Obviously this isn't a perfect way of looking at how major female characters are, but it definitely says a lot. (somehow 75% of the words in Mulan are spoken by men?) And it just makes me appreciate Inside Out more! (thanks Christi!)

- “I had so many advantages, and I barely made it”: Pinterest engineer on Silicon Valley sexism - gaaaaaaaaaah!

- Why I'm boycotting TurboTax this year - somehow I didn't know until this year that Intuit did this. Boo! Related: Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill to make filing taxes much easier. Maybe we can beat Intuit?

- Rand Paul on what America’s been doing all wrong since 1835 - (it's the national debt) Again, the federal government isn't like a family - having debt isn't necessary bad, although of course if it gets too high then that's bad. But based on interest rates, no one thinks it's too high!

- The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read: Remembering America’s Most Controversial First Lady - (spoiler alert: it's Hillary!) It is certainly valid to disagree with Hillary's policies (or to like Bernie's policies more), but if you have a general dislike or uneasiness about her, consider the fact that she's been relentlessly attacked for the past twenty years or so. (corollary: if you see general election polls that show Bernie doing better than Hillary, consider what will happen if Bernie gets the nomination and actually starts getting attacked by Republicans...)

- Call A Random Swede? We Tried It Out - such a weird and great idea!

- Some Relationship Advice From Pope Francis - I'll admit I haven't read "Amoris Laetitia", but it sounds intriguing.

- A guide to the 6 biggest revelations from the Panama Papers (so far) - it's hard to keep up!

- The Weird, Wonderful Job of Being a Tour Guide in the Age of Google - interesting because the guy they interview is a tour guide in Hawaii!

- The Art of Reading Russian Obituaries - homophobia in Russia runs pretty deep these days, sadly.

- Gun Violence Spiked — And Arrests Declined — In Chicago Right After The Laquan McDonald Video Release - well, that's bad.