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friday linked list: three-word addresses, productivity with technology, gun deaths - Greg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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friday linked list: three-word addresses, productivity with technology, gun deaths [Jun. 24th, 2016|03:21 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

- Mongolia is changing all its addresses to three-word phrases - this is crazy and awesome. I live near mistress.insect.airship! There's more information at what3words's website.

- Why the Economic Payoff From Technology Is So Elusive - maybe it just takes a while?

- Compare These Gun Death Rates: The U.S. Is in a Different World - that is depressing. Note that these numbers only include gun homicides - if you include suicides, I'm pretty sure the US looks even worse. (thanks David!)

- Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason - This is a bit of a long read (and why isn't the graph of Hillary's popularity near where he talks about it?) but I think there's a lot of truth to this article. It's easy to forget how popular she was when she was Secretary of State!

It's also easy to get distracted by the various "scandals" she's been involved in and think that because of that, she must be fundamentally dishonest. But the article has some good links pointing out that no other politician has a whole industry of people attacking her (except for her husband...)

- Teaching Robots to Feel: Emoji & Deep Learning 👾 💭 💕 - this is pretty cool! Plus you can try it yourself!

- What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological?

- The anxiety of Father's Day cards - blah.

- Mars Explorers Wanted Posters - ooh, pretty!

- Here's the Physics Behind the 'Broomgate' Controversy Rocking the Sport of Curling