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Austin escape rooms - my reviews

We've done a lot of these lately, because it's going to be much harder once we have a kid :-) But here are my ratings for the ones we've done, in descending order:

Austin Maze Rooms
The room we did was set in the '70s, and the "apartment" was decorated realistically and authentically. The Maze Room claims to specialize in "gadgets", and after doing the room I 100% agree - some of the puzzles blew me away! Even the puzzles that didn't make sense at the time made sense in retrospect after we looked again at the clues we ignored.

There's only one room there now, but they're opening up a new one this fall and I'm hoping we can try it out.
Would recommend: Yes!!
Rooms done: Spy Safe House

The Escape Game Austin
The room was very nicely decorated, and the system for getting clues was higher-tech than at other places. (we could yell for help, and a clue would show up on a monitor) When we were there, they had made a mistake in setting up the room, but they realized it pretty quickly and came in to rectify the situation. There were also some neat gadgets/types of puzzles here, although a minor complaint was that they used the same "puzzle" multiple times, which is a little unusual for these sorts of room.

There are four rooms there, and I'd definitely be interested in trying some of the other ones!
Would recommend: Yes!
Rooms done: Classified! (I mean, the room is Classified!, not that it's classified which room we did)

Austin Panic Room (although it's now a branch of the Texas Panic Room, I guess?)
This will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the first escape room we did. Although in retrospect, the first room we did (Museum Heist) had interesting puzzles but they weren't particularly themed to the room. This got better in the later rooms we did, where there tended to be a few very nice puzzles. Generally lower-budget than the first two places on the list, but we still had a good time and would go back. Their number of people limits on their rooms are a bit generous. (we did the Museum Heist room with 10, which is really a lot of people for any escape room) The location is clearly a repurposed old house, which is neat!

Right now there are five rooms going on there.
Would recommend: Yes
Rooms done: Museum Heist, Abandoned School, Prison Break

Mystery Room
We happened to walk by this place at the Domain, so we thought we'd give it a shot. The location is partitioned up into six (or eight?) rooms, and the walls don't even go up to the ceiling so it's the opposite of immersive. (they have white noise playing to drown out the sound of other rooms, which is both annoying and doesn't really work) The room we were in was pretty sparsely decorated, and the only puzzles we had trouble with were confusing, not clever. Most rooms let you configure how hard it is, which seemed like a cool idea until we escaped with some clues left unused and two locks, and were told "Yeah, you only need those on the harder difficulty", which is pretty disappointing.

There are eight rooms available there.
Would recommend: Not really
Rooms done: Pharoah's Tomb

Here's a Austin Chronicle piece where they review these and some others I'd like to try!
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