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friday linked list: Democracy isn't losing much support, Daft Punk + Strongbad, normalizing Trump

- That viral graph about millennials’ declining support for democracy? It’s very misleading. - wow, I saw the original article and it was incredibly misleading, like How to Lie With Statistics bad. Boo!

- Random Access Fhqwhgads - if you like Strongbad (and especially if you also like Daft Punk!) stop what you're doing and take a listen! So good. Definitely worth $1!

- 52 things I learned in 2016 - a bunch of random interesting stuff!

- The case for normalizing Trump: Foreign populists have been beaten by talking issues, not personality - kind of depressing but if talking about issues is the way to beat Trump, I'm on board!

- Inside Jobs is a project from The Atlantic where they interviewed a bunch of Americans about their job. I love hearing about people's jobs!

- If Waffle House Is Closed, It’s Time To Panic - I've read about the Waffle House Index before, but this had some details I hadn't seen before.

- Republicans suddenly discover that Obamacare repeal might not be so awesome, after all - Kind of disappointing that the Republicans haven't figured this out in the 6 years since Obamacare passed...

- Simmons vs. Gladwell: The Future of Football - very looooong read, but they think concussions/other NFL problems are becoming a Big Deal(TM)
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