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it's my birthday!

Today's a little busy, so I'll cut to the chase - it's my birthday! I don't have time for deep birthday ruminations, but I'll do some quick hits:

- 24 is a good number! It's 4!, and the name of a fun math card game (as mentioned in Wikipedia!). And an interesting-looking TV show that I've only seen half an episode of.

- 25 will be even better - discounts on car insurance ahoy!

- I'm declaring myself not newly out of college anymore. Which makes me something of which I'm not entirely sure. (although I wish random people I meet would stop assuming I'm still in school at UT!)

- I don't know where I'll be next birthday, so that's exciting.

- djedi's dissertation is today! (also, I get cookie cake!)

- Chunky bacon!

Well, that's all I've got, I guess.
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